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GRAND TOUR / L.e R. Palomba

From the meeting of two leading players in Italian style, Maserati and Zanotta, comes an exclusive limited-edition lounge chair, encompassing the spirit and values that the two brands have always expressed: exclusivity, sophistication, comfort, refined materials, state-of-the-art design and high quality craftsmanship. The Maserati lounge chair by Zanotta pays homage to the new Maserati Quattroporte: the noted designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba conceived the project by analysing and reinterpreting the harmonious and slender lines of the Trident flagship. The result is a product of absolute excellence, able to recreate the unmistakable journey of the senses you go on every time you sit in a Maserati or on a fine Zanotta chair. The Zanotta Extra leather used to upholster the chair gives a feeling of naturalness, and is obtained by using the finest quality raw hides; the workmanship is inspired by the traditional "capitonné" technique with a modern twist, without buttons, to obtain an extremely soft and comfortable surface. Comes with a chrome or polished black nickel-plated steel rod base, high-resistance polyurethane and DacronDu Pont wadding, and a fixed nylon fabric internal lining. Available in black with a light-grey trim, light-grey with a clay trim and clay with a light-grey trim.